About Us

co-operatives Digit Security is a computer security consultancy based in the United Kingdom, albeit with a slight difference. The company is a co-operatively controlled entity comprised of professionals who are experts in their respective fields. Thus, as a corollary, nearly everyone at Digit Security is a both Consultant, Developer and a Director. Digit Security operates internally as a democracy for the benefit of all with the understanding that it is the needs of the client that must be met, or else a tragedy of the commons.

Digit Security originally grew out of digit-labs.org, a non-profit computer security research outfit. So quite naturally, Digit Security has always produced its own vulnerability research. Digit-Labs was formed late in 1999, and consisted of members who were interested in information security. The members of digit-labs spent many a happless hour researching vulnerabilities/coding and generally making a nuisance of themselves. We were firm believers in the full disclosure philosophy (although that may well be changing) since we believed that it would benefit the whole Internet community in the long run.

2010 Digit Security as a company was formed in early 2010 offering bespoke software security related services to all manner of clients. Since then we have sought to increase the number of services offered to our clients with a general move into the 'mainstream' UK based security consultancy industry.