Who We Are
Digit Security is the commercial side of digit-labs.org. The company itself is a co-operative comprised of professionals who are experts in their respective fields, making us somewhat unique within the UK. READ MORE.
Digit Security offers a range of services from managed vulnerability assessment and bespoke research to advanced source code analysis and reverse engineering. READ MORE.
Digit Security originally grew out of digit-labs.org, a non-profit computer security research outfit. So quite naturally, Digit Security has always produced its own vulnerability research whether bespoke, or pro bono. READ MORE.
Digit Security, as an organisation is naturally pro-active, and not only in the traditional security related sense, we not only research zero-day vulnerabilities. We have been known to produce articles and papers; even if they are only of use in academia. READ MORE.
Contact Us
If you would like to contact a Digit Security Consultant, then drop us a line. CONTACT US.

Welcome to digit-security.com

Are you or the company you represent looking for security services you can trust? Digit Security may have only been founded as recently as 2010, but due to the companies somewhat ‘unique’ structure, the level of service we can offer our clients is completely undiluted, unbiased, and guaranteed 100% garbage free.

Digit Security consultants are not only tried and tested within the industry, possessing 10+ combined years of experience; but the efficacy of their expertise is a proven fact with a large number of vulnerabilities and advisories to their name, as well as media coverage.


Digit Security offer a wealth of security related services to clients of all sizes, big and small (but by no means less important). We are constantly working on devising new ways for our company to help both our existing and prospective clients, either with new innovative services, re-hashings of old ones, or good old "value-add". read more read more

About Us

Digit Security is a computer security consultancy based in the United Kingdom, albeit with a slight difference. The company is a co-operatively controlled entity comprised of professionals who are experts in their respective fields. Thus, as a corollary, nearly everyone at Digit Security is a both a Consultant, Developer and a Director (although we prefer the term 'equal'). read more read more